Our Architectural design services cover the full range of services ranging from initial brief development through design documentation to construction administration. From the earliest stages of schematic design through to construction works, we offer consultation overall responsibility of planning, executing and managing the project from pre-construction through to post construction.

For owners and developers, our creative concepting also concentrates on offering consultation to make a building attractive for either letting or selling. We provide quality architectural services ranging from the establishment of enterprise architecture practice, through the design of architecture in business, data, application and technology domains to the architecture governance and implementation of specific solutions:

  • Concept Design
  • Working Drawing
  • Aesthetic Construction
  • Supervision
  • Draft Design
  • Drawing for Permit Application
  • Definitive Design
  • Tender Documents
ImplementationInstalation Design And Execution


  • Indoor sanitary installations for water supply
  • Internal sanitary installations for sewage


  • Classical heating systems (gaseous fuel, liquid, solid)
  • Hot air heating installations

Fire protection:

  • Sprinkler systems
  • Hydrant systems
  • Fire extinguishing


  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Ventilation for air conditioning

Air conditioning HVAC:

  • Central air conditioning systems
  • Split air conditioning systems

Electric and low currents, strong curents, voice-data, BMS, acces control

ImplementationCadastre&Land Registration

We provide services of land surveying and preparation of cadastral documentation required for first registration of real estate properties in the Land Book, update of technical records, land plots consolidation/ division, recording of new constructions in case of real estate properties already registered in the Land Book (tabulated), both for legal entities or individuals.

Our staff submits the above cadastral documentations for the approval of Cadastre and Land Registration Office, follow up on the approval process in the Cadastre and Land Registration Information System – eTerra, submits additional documents if requested, takes the approved documentation from the Cadastre and Land Registration Office and delivers it to the client.

In order for our services to be delivered fast and smoothly, we also provide consulting services to our clients:

  • Analysis of the full set of documents provided by the client;
  • Identification and explanation of the steps to be done next;
  • Pointing out missing documents and guiding the client on how to obtain these documents;
  • Calculation of the official fees of the Cadastre and Land Registration Office for the respective operation(s);

Informing the client on the estimated duration for the execution of the services, as well as on the official deadlines of the Cadastre and Land Registration Office for approving the cadastral documentation and noting the new entry in the Land Book


The entries in the land book are:

  • Tabulation
  • Provisional registration
  • Scoring

The cases, conditions and legal regime of these registrations are established by the Civil Code, and the registration procedure in the land book, by the Law on cadastre and real estate advertising no. 7/1996 with the subsequent modifications and completions and by the regulation approved by normative order of the general director of the National Agency for Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising (ANCPI).

This stage represents the registration in the land book through which a real right is constituted, encumbered, restricted or extinguished.

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